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10 ways to have fun in Prague on a stag week

The capital of Czech Republic offers its visitors so many things to do on a stag weekend.

Vltava (the Czech National River) flows through the center of Prague. You will be surprised by its captivating view. In the day, this lively city shows its beauty to everyone who is able to see it and at night is fascinating.

Why Prague?

Because you want something memorable. There are lots of places where you could go, but this one has something magical. Besides, it’s the 14th largest city in the European Union and receives more than 6.4 million international tourists every year.

Prague is famous for its rich and marvelous history. The city endured centuries of various cultural, social and economic development which is reflected in its architecture. You can visit amazing castles,    interesting buildings and museums.

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It’s well-known the fact that Czech Republic has the highest beer production and consumption in the world. There are so many places where you can drink beer and get a taste from traditional Czech Cuisine.

This impressive city is often called “Praga Mater Urbium” and „the city with a hundred spires.”

Stag do in Prague – Tips and Tricks

If you haven’t decided what activities to do on a stag weekend here are some tips and tricks:

  1. Brewery Tour Staropramen

Once you are in a Beer Country you will have the chance to visit Staropramen brewery.

  1. Prague Pistol Shooting Experience – 50 Bullets

Another activity you can do is shooting. You will have an instructor and a safe equipment. There must be at least 8 participants.

  1. River Cruise with Unlimited Drinks

Have you ever pictured yourself on a river cruise with your friends having a lot of fun and unlimited drinks? Now, the dream can become reality.

  1. Laser Tag

What can be more delightful than your living your fantasies in a video game with your best buddies? This is one of the best ways to have fun and socialize.

  1. Thai Massage

You will receive the best massages for 1 hour and then will feel relaxed with your batteries fully charged and ready to party!

Once you finished the day activities you have to be prepared for the night activities.

  1. Night Hummer Limousine Cruise with Strip Club Entry

You will have a bottle of champagne inside the Hummer and many reasons to celebrate.

  1. Casino Night with a Topless Waitress

Nothing compares to a casino experience. Play poker games with your mates and get ready have fun! There will be sexy topless waitresses.

  1. Dinner – Medieval Banquet

You’ll have a local guide to escort you to the venue then you will enjoy the dinner at your stag party.

  1. Jelly Wrestling

Two hot topless girls will fight in a pool full of gelatin.

  1. Stag show on stage

Two gorgeous girls will perform a 15 minutes show with the stag as the prop up on stage.

If you need more advice you should visit Eventhuse.co.uk for more information about the stag do activities you would enjoy.

Prague can offer you a wonderful experience that you will not forget. Choose this city for your stag activities and you will have a great time. Your adventure has begun!

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