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Amenities availble on a chartered yacht

Water sports, sunbathing, fine dining, a stroll on the sand, hiking to a sight to see – sounds like a beach vacation, right? But what if you could do this – all of this – in a different place day after day for the duration of your holiday – that is no longer a land-locked hotel room. What you could be experiencing is a chartered yacht sail to the destination(s) of your choice. If you fancy seeing Greece, for example, with all of its history and multitude of tiny islands scattered around, imagine doing so as you travel on your private yacht dropping anchor at any of those tiny islands to walk on an uncrowded stretch of beach. Compared with the impersonality of a major cruise ship, or a guided vacation tour where you might move around but have the hassle of packing and re-packing as you go, a chartered yacht is a tranquil oasis of peace and relaxation full of the personal and unique.

Your crewmembers onboard your chartered yacht have just one thing in mind – your enjoyment. From the comfort of your accommodations to the food you are served to the activities you undertake, you have knowledgeable and expert guidance right at hand – you don’t have to track them down. They can be available to help you see the sights throughout your destination travels if you need them, or perhaps just give you the cliff notes and let you explore on your own. Personal chefs create meals specifically for you and your group if you are traveling with one. These culinary experts know how to pull the flavors of the region into what they prepare, and they frequently pull fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins onboard from the local markets to help make your dining experience one of the highlights of your trip.

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If you love being in the water as well as traveling on it, your chartered yacht can be prepared so you have all the gear and toys you could want to enjoy while you relax and have fun. Jet skis to zip around on, snorkeling or scuba gear, noodles and floats, paddle boards and kayaks – you name it and you can get it for your trip to round out your entertainment. You can even have water skiing, kneeboards and tubes available for dragging behind the yacht. And if you love sailing under wind power, there are chartered yachts that can accommodate you and even let you learn more about how to work with them – almost nothing is unavailable if you plan it out.

A private chartered yacht vacation could be the single most wonderful vacation you ever have – many yachters swear they have the best time of their lives and vow to return again and again. The great thing is, returning to your chartered yacht doesn’t mean you have to return to the same location – freedom of the seas means you can pick another spot and just go there. It’s your call. Get more information and details from yachtcharters.co and figure out where in the world you’d like to go.
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