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Diving in the Philippines: What to Look for in Dive Sites

Planning a trip to the beach? With its vast coastline, you might want to go diving in the Philippines. In this lush tropical country, you can find a lot of dive sites with rich and stunning seascapes and marine ecosystem. But you definitely cannot visit them all in one day. To help you decide, here are some qualities to look for in one of the best diving spots in Asia:

Awesome Underwater Formations

What better way to intermingle with fishes that to visit their dwellings? You can dive in and see how they act in their natural habitat by visiting coral reefs. These formations are very beautiful to look at especially when surrounded by the vibrant colours of their dwellers.

Variety of Marine Life

When diving, you are not only exploring the water; you are also communing with the creatures that live in it. The Philippines seas are home to a very wide variety of marine life, so you have plenty of opportunities to interact with these sea dwellers. From the whale sharks of Oslob to the colourful fishes at Puerto Galera, you are sure to have an interesting time with different marine life.

Open Water Locations

Satisfy the adventurer in you by diving in open waters. Imagine floating around enveloped by the vast waters above and the sea floor underneath. It can be a thrilling experience for a lot of people. Just make sure that you get Open-Water Diving Certification and you are good to go.

Historical Significance

For history enthusiasts, exploring underwater historical sites always guarantees an enjoyable and good learning experience. The Philippine waters witnessed a good number of sea battles, making its seas home to a lot of wreckage sites. You can explore sunken World War II battleships in Coron, visit the submerged cargo ship in Malapascua or enjoy wreck diving in Palawan.

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