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Getting US visa instantly from submitting application

All the aspirants who wish to travel to US for any reasons for short duration of time can get visa within 72 hours from the time of application. This is due to the latest change in the immigration rules in the US which allows the aspirants willing to travel to US to apply online for the ESTA without visiting the consulates office of the American embassy of your country. You can apply for the visa from the comfort of your home online.

How to apply for the electronic visa for US?

  • The first and the second step of the ESTA application requires filling up of the personal information as required in the online form.
  • The third step of the process includes payment to be made which includes covering the administrative expenses made in the procurement of ESTA. Once you make the payment as per the requirement then you move on to final step of the form.
  • This is the confirmation on your side that you have submitted the application form. It takes not more than 72 hours to receive the ESTA number. If you do not receive the same in the given time then you can get in touch with your immigration agent or the immigration authority to know the status of your application.

Who can apply for the Electronic System for travel Authorization?

  • Anyone who wishes to travel to US for the purpose of tourism, business, for treatment purposes or for the purpose of education.
  • Anyone who wishes to stay in US for the duration of 90 days, although the authorization is valid for the duration of two years. This authorization can be re-validated after scanning of the personnel information if there is no change in the personal information segment. This duration of stay includes stay in the US and to the concerned countries.

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