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Kids Muay Thai Training at Gym Bangarang – Giving Kids a Head Start in Life

Muay Thai is a martial art that is unique to Thailand – it has sincebeen recognised as a sport in Asia. Testimony of Muay Thai’s increasing popularity as a competitive game is its inclusion in Asian Games and South East Asia Games (SEA Games), with the latter recently hosted by Malaysia. Indeed, Muay Thai has been perceived to have a lot of potential and it will do kids good if they practice this art that not only shapes and strengthens them physically but also mentally. For those looking to send their children to Muay Thai classes, Gym Bangarang is offering Kids MuayThau School Program that is managed by expert Muay Thai fighters.


The art of Muay Thai requires discipline and dedication as well as focus and these are some of needed-for-life qualities besides much more that are instilled in kids earlier on when they join Gym BangarangMuay Thai program. While the trainers are aware that technique mastery is important, they also make a point to develop life skills in the kids, like leadership, self control, teamwork and goal setting.

The Muay Thai classes for kids at Gym Bangarang are age specific and personal fitness focused. Kids get to train in stimulating and nurturing environs which aims for health achievement and the instructors are professionals in this field – they are also well versed in child motivation and ensure that each child receives individual attention.

Muay Thai training helps kids reach their peak potential – not only they’ll do better in school, they will be equipped to tackle the challenges later life throws at them.

What sets Kids Muay Thai School Program at Gym Bangarang apart is the understanding that kids thrive when praised and given encouragement – this positive reinforcement will inculcate confidence, healthy self esteem and can-do attitude. They also learn non violence and how to respond to the world they are exposed to, knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.

Giving a head start so that kids carry good values throughout their life, bettering the world around them is what Gym Bangarang Kids Muay Thai Program about.

For more information, visit http://www.gymbangarang.com/kids-muay-thai-school-program-chiang-mai/


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