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Moving To Spain, What Are The Choices When It Comes To Buying A Property?

Just like in the UK, buying a property in Spain is not something you want to rush into. There is a vast difference between prices which mainly depends on the location as well as property type of course.

Living near the seaside is also going to be a lot more expensive than moving inland, but as the beach is what attracts many people to live in this part of the world in this article we won’t be talking about isolated rural properties. Property for sale in Javea is very attractive due to its close proximities to the beach and it’s all year round climate. These can often be had for a song, but maybe not what you were expecting when it comes to living in such a location permanently.

The first thing you have to think about is if you want to live in a resort or city; both have their pros and cons. The benefits of living in the city are obviously increased work opportunities. You will also be nearer local airports making it easy for you to visit or receive visitors from the UK. There is always plenty to do in a city, and you will not have a problem with issues which may arise in quiet villages, such as installing fibre-optic Internet.

The downside of living in the city is property prices are prohibitive, particularly in Barcelona and Madrid. Another thing about city life is in some cases you will not be leading a much more relaxed lifestyle than that you left in the UK.

Finding rented accommodation can be hard, or in the case of Barcelona near impossible unless you want to pay a fortune.

Resort Living

Living in a resort is the most popular choice for expats from the UK and other European countries such as France, Germany and Sweden. Taking a holiday in a Spanish resort is often the starting point that leads to people wanting to move to Spain in the first place, so it’s little wonder many choose the town they enjoyed visiting so much.

The benefits of living in the resorts are clear – you have the beach on your doorstep, gorgeous weather most of the year depending on if you live in the north or south of Spain, and plenty of your fellow countrymen to socialise with.

The downside of resort living is it can get very lively during the summer months to the point where you would really prefer to be somewhere else during July and August. Perversely, it can get too quiet for some during the winter, when many businesses close and there is little to do.

If you have to work outside of the home in a local business, job opportunities all year round are thin on the ground in a resort, so you will either have to save like mad in the summer or come up with a plan for the winter. Spanish benefits are only available to those who have worked for at least six months during the summer months and will not cover your living costs if you have to pay rent or a mortgage.

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