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Tenerife or Gran Canaria: Which Island To Choose?

Both blessed with vast expanses of glorious beaches, active nightlife, wonderful gastronomic establishments and a fun overall holiday vibe, choosing between Tenerife and Gran Canaria could be a tough call.

These are two large islands in the Canary and are nearly the same distance from Europe. However, most tourists only visit one island during their vacation, as one is enough to make beautiful memories. Additionally, both islands are similar and distinct in certain aspects, and the best way to decide between them is to know what fits your fancy.


Buzzing with nightlife and a favorite destination among sun worshippers of all ages, Tenerife is famous due to its size (the largest among the Canary Islands) and robust tourism activities. As far as beaches are concerned, the island has so much to offer, ranging from the sandy dunes of Teresitas and Playas Las Americas to the pristine waters of Costa Adeje. It is also abundant of facilities from hotels, Michelin star restaurants to various shopping establishments. It is also home to the towering peak of Mt. Teide whose spectacular view gives an already warm welcome to tourists arriving the island by air.

Tenerife has a sampling of everything you need for a fun vacation. From the sprawling beaches, culinary offerings to a vivid nightlife whether you’re on the beach or in the city, the island is bound to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a wonder all its own. The island has a better number of beaches to choose from, some of the most well-known include Maspalomas, Amadores and Playa del Ingles. The nightlife in Gran Canaria is also believed to be livelier with the youngsters heading out to various bars after sunset. The local life in Gran Canaria is more laid back and relaxing, what with the calm and friendly ambiance of Santa Cruz and Las Palmas. The towering site of Mt. Teide is also visible from Gran Canaria, although it’s a far different angle from that of Tenerife.

Gran Canaria is known for its rugged character. It features impressive cliffs, deep ravines and beautiful pine forests, perfect for thrill-seekers and adventurers.

Which is Better?

It’s hard to decide which island is better for your vacation because these two have their distinct offerings. It’s safe to say that you can select based on what type of holiday you’re looking for.

Whether you want to actively be on the beach most days and enjoy a local nightlife, both islands should satiate your cravings. However, if you’d want to walk around and enjoy more modern facilities actively, Tenerife is the best island for you.

On the other hand, if you’d like to stroll around historic destinations and bask in the local island life without a fuss, then Gran Canaria should be better suited to you.

Overall, whether you choose Tenerife or Gran Canaria or any other island in the archipelago, you’ll sure to have a great time.

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