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Vancouver Site Seeing Journey

Your Canada dream visit has happened now. You want to know the best time to visit Vancouver. Then first understand the best places to visit there and make a decision accordingly. You will have loads of places to visit, and hence proper planning will help. The city has many tourist attractions and therefore read this post to make a note of the top areas which when missed poses a real loss on your vacation.

  1. Stanley Park

As mentioned in the name this park has more than 400 hectare space and offers a great scenic view and the best time to visit Vancouver  must undoubtedly take into consideration of this place. You can see several trees and wildlife here. The aquarium in the park makes it the most critical site seeing the place. The three gardens offered by the park provides the best treat to the visitor’s eyes. The park produces loads of different kinds of Roses and also known as the Rose garden of Canada.

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  1. Seawall

This wall prevents the land getting eroded due to the presence of the sea. The chief attraction of this place includes the Olympic village, stamps landing, and Granville Island. This area is often used for skating, cycling, and walking. Cover Stanley Park and Seawall by bike and ride 9 km to have all the fun.

  1. West End and Downtown Places

One can access the famous beach in Vancouver the English Bay from Seawall. You can have fun in water play with the kayak and book a place during August 1st week and enjoy in the Bay. You can quench the summer heat by being to the English Bay.

The museum in the West End has preserved several Barclay Heritage Squares. It was once the home of the nine Victorians. Now named as Roedde House Museum. You can walk down to Robson Street from the museum and don’t miss the shopping fun. Next, you must visit the Christ Church found in 1888. Find the beauty of the architecture.

Finally, walk around the Canada Place Promenade to take a look at the ship and the harbor.

  1. Gastown

Another place not to be missed is the Gastown got its name after Gassy, the Yorkshire seaman. This area is known for its galleries, antique gas lamps, and restaurants.

So you have many places to visit in Vancouver and hence plan to save time and visit every single because it is worth making it happen.

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